Who am I?

My name? Well, you can just call me KRenee.

I’m female, 20, a New Yorker, a lover of music, and a survivor. I’m a supporter of LGBTQ’s rights and women’s rights. Too lazy to be an activist, but I’m definitely a feminist. I’m a Liberal Democrat. Supporter of Anonymous. I take mental illness very seriously and I will cut you if you talk shit about mental disorders. I say things I don’t really mean, just mostly mean.

I make bad jokes. I’m funny, clever, lazy, incredibly boring to hang out with, and fairly interesting at the same time. I’m also Bi Polar, Borderline, and I have two brothers and a sister. I’m a great conversational partner. I’m an adrenaline junky. I’m sometimes a total moron. I take pride in my work and I do my best at the few things I can do.

I love to write. I love to sing and I love music. Psychology is my passion. I’m broken and I’m whole. It depends on what angle you see me from.

I am thankful for my mother, for my siblings, for food, for love, for my medication, for music, for Open Office, for hot water, for technological advances, for my counselor and my psychiatrist. I’m thankful for the world even though I loathe most of it. I’m thankful for water, and air. I’m thankful for fire. I’m thankful for every advance humankind has made. I’m thankful for sex. I’m thankful for my friends. I’m thankful for the support I get from the people who love me. I’m thankful for porn. I’m thankful for my right to choose what is right for me, under any circumstances, and I will defend that right to my last breath.

I hate my phone. I hate stupidity and ignorance. I hate the outside world. I hate what the United States has become, and while I wish I could change it, alas I am far to apathetic to do anything myself. I hate my father. I hate the elementary school teachers I had, the ones who traumatized me from school and very much fucked up my future.

Tumblr user betweenaffections. Fanfiction.net user KRenee. Archive of Our Own user KRenee. Instagram user kreneerivers.


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