Something New

Nick had expected to die the moment he realized he’d fallen out of the chopper. He didn’t though. Apparently, he was caught in midair by some little brat named “Dal.” That would’ve been a good thing if the kid wasn’t a Hunter. It would’ve been an even better thing if he would leave Nick alone. Apparently, “go away” is too much to ask for in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

1. Nick Falls Out of the Sky

2. Chicken Soup for the Conman’s Soul

3. You Can’t Make Me Like You

4. Things Will Always Get Worse

5. I Didn’t Miss You

6. The Hoodie

7. The Bad Guys Aren’t So Bad

8. Bad Memories In The Rain

9. Tensions Are Running Pretty High

10. Everyone Is Fed Up With Nick And Coach

11. The Great Divide

12. Introductions

13. I’m Just a Little Unwell

14. Everything Will Be Fine

15. Speak And Be Heard

16. Calm

17. The Storm

18. As The Shoe Drops

19. Never Say Goodbye

20. Lost And Found

21. Bullet For My Survivor

22. You Can Lead A Horse

23. For The Very First Time

24. Control Freak

25. Death

26. His Name

27. Waiting

28. Black Rock

29. The Next Chapter

30. Something New


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