Demons live in the realms of the Underworld, where they are under the care and rule of the King of the Underworld, Vaedin, and his Lords – Lillith, Hades, and Iblis.

Shadowlings live in the Pit of Tartarus. They feed upon the souls who have been damned there and eventually ascend to become Grim, Hollow, Beast, or Hellspawn Demons. Demons borne from the Pit of Tartarus are the only demons that end up as Greater Demons. Those that are borne from two parents are Lesser Demons about 80% of the time. There is no ranking for the Lesser Demons.

Caretakers are a specific brand of “lesser” demon that Vaedin employs to watch over the Residents (human souls) in the Underworld. They are the results of Shadowlings that fail to ascend fully to at least the level of a Hellspawn Demon. They are called “Bloodless” and often scorned by their peers. They are often significantly more “human” than other demons, a trait which earned them their place as Vaedin’s staff. (Rillith)

Caretakers come with many different kinds of appetites, and they come with a wide range of abilities that tend to coincide with those appetites – whatever they feed on, they will have abilities that make it easier for them to find food. Anything from being able to inflict fear upon subjects with only eye contact, to being able to use a wide range of magicks.

There are also four main types of what are called Greater Demons. These demons are highly organized, intelligent, and colder than ice. The do not require sleep and live off a specific appetite that varies per demon, though there is less variety than that found amongst Caretakers. These appetites are usually things like: fear, anger, nightmares, human flesh, pain, and etcetera. They cause or look for these things in the world and feed off it’s presence until they’re satisfied.

Hellspawn Demons are lowest in the scale of strength for Greater Demons. They are most commonly sated by more tangible things, such as the most loved in a family or community, or the most hated, but in general they usually feed on flesh and bone. Hellspawns are the most emotional of all the Greater Demons. They are capable of emotion, though only the negative emotions have much influence over their actions.

Beast Demons are next in the food chain. They are most commonly sated by the blood of sinners. Beast Demons are highly reactive demons and have a high drive for bloodlust. They enjoy killing and violence and spend much of their time attacking other demons for the sake of the fun. (Beelzebub, Argent)

Hollow Demons are the second strongest type of Greater Demon. They feed most commonly on negative emotions such as anger, sadness, loneliness, and hate. Hollow Demons earned their name because they do not show outward emotion, and often don’t feel emotion at all. They get no pleasure out of anything aside from their food, and thus spend all their time doing nothing but that.

Grim Demons are the strongest type of Greater Demon. They feed on a variety of things, the most popular food choice being fear and anguish. Grim Demons find great pleasure in their hunt and causing the thing that which they feed on. Grim Demons are also the rarest kind of Greater Demon. (Makulo, Saeka)

Fun Facts:

– All demons have wings. These wings tend to be either bat-like or made up of a mist of energy that is transparent.

– Demons cannot teleport. They can only open rifts – or portals, for the lay person – to travel between the realms.

– Demons cannot travel to Heaven without explicit permission from King Yajova. Trust me, if they could, they would.

– Demons have black nails that will grow into claws if allowed. Makulo Midsummers grew his nails out, whereas Rillith of the Grim Incarnation keeps her’s short because she kept breaking them on her daggers.

– Shadowlings are basically baby demons. When they get to a certain age, they leave the Pit (which is where they feed on eternally damned souls) and go to Purgatory, which is essentially demon daycare. Purgatory is a realm ruled by Lillith, the so-called “mother of demons.” She is responsible for all the demons that are raised there, until they are old enough to leave of their own volition.

– Makulo Mediaestatis was the strongest Grim Demon to ever be born. He is the older brother of Vaedin’s personal assistant, Tacitus. Makulo was so powerful he was able to break into Heaven, defeat the entire Inner Circle of Angels (which is made up of the twelve strongest Seraphim), and kidnap a Cherubim named Kasirrus. If he hadn’t decided to take up the challenge of stealing away a good friend of Tsukaea, the Overseer, he would probably still be at large.

– Since Makulo’s death, the title of the strongest demon goes to Saeka.