Angels reside in the Upperworld, where they are under the care and rule of the King of the Upperworld, Yajova, and his Lords – Zeus and Frigg.

Unlike demons, angels are less individualistic. Everything about them is the result of their diet as Cloudwalkers. As such, it is easy to tell which angels will be most helpful, or most powerful, or the best to utilize in a time of war, and so on.

Cloudwalkers are essentially infant angels. They live under the care of the Cherubim, and they feed on the energy given off by the healing Residents that are resting in the Upperworld. The energy given off is more potent and powerful in the Upperworld than in Hell. In the Upperworld, simply being next to a Resident is enough to charge a Seraphim’s battery.

Eventually, Cloudwalkers ascend to one of three different kinds of angels. These angels are classified by the strength and pureness of their Grace, which can be easily distinguished by the color and size of their wings. Once a Cloudwalker has ascended, they cannot ascend again. An angel’s Grace has a set quality and quantity – it cannot be replaced, it cannot be strengthened, and it cannot be removed.

The deciding factor in the strength of an angel is based on the quality of energy they are able to accumulate before they reach the age of ascension (2,000 years-old). A Resident who has been healing for a long time gives off purer energy. On the other hand, the Residents who have been healing the fastest give off stronger energy.

Personalities can also be influenced by what the Cloudwalkers eat. A Resident who has just arrived will generally give off energy that eventually makes for a cunning, flexible, and more humane angel. A Resident who is on their way out will give off energy that makes for a wise, inflexible, highly judgmental angel.

Cherubim are the weakest of the angels. They usually spent most of their early life fooling around and forgetting meals. They generally fed upon Residents who have been healing for a longer amount of time than the other kinds of angels. The Cherubim are largely responsible for the Cloudwalkers; their job is to make sure the babies are getting enough to eat.

While being the weakest kind of angel, Cherubim are the best healers. They are so good at healing that they can revive a deceased being, if that being has been dead for under ten minutes. They have big hearts and are quick to forgive upon hearing an apology. They tend to be naive and impulsive, and they like to play, which is why they were given charge of the Cloudwalkers.

A Cherubim’s wings are usually pastels – light blue, light pink, light purple, and so on.

Devanim are the second strongest kinds of angels. They generally fed upon Residents who had been healing for a long time and Residents who are on their way out of the Upperworld. They are often employed by the various Gods and Goddesses that live in the Upperworld, doing whatever tasks or chores those Gods and Goddesses require.

Devanim, while stronger than Cherubim, are not fighters. They prefer the simpler things in life – prose and poetry, art and music, learning and exploring, and etcetera. They tend to be extremely judgmental, highly inflexible, and dedicated to perfection. They will not take failure as a result, and they will never do anything less than the best job at whatever task they were given. As such, they’re pretty stressed out usually, and are often also irritable when they’re allowed to be.

A Devanim’s wings are usually darker colors – blood red, navy blue, and forest green are only a couple of examples.

Seraphim are the strongest kind of angel. They generally fed upon the energy of Residents who were healing fast or healing for a long time. Their diet is usually balanced between the two, though some Cloudwalker-turned-Seraphim would have more of one or the other depending on whether they wanted purity or strength over the other.

Seraphim are the warriors of the Upperworld. They are extremely powerful (some are as strong as Gods) and they don’t hesitate during battle. Seraphim are well-known on the battlefield for being cold and calculating and for always knowing which action to take that would guarantee a successful mission while minimizing casualties and taking as little damage as possible. In their personal lives, however, Seraphim are usually kindhearted, flexible, and witty more than anything else. They generally have great senses of humor and they are very good at laughing at themselves.

A Seraphim’s wings are always white, grey, or black.

Fun Facts:

– The color of a Seraphim’s wing do not imply whether or not that Seraph is “evil” or “good.” In fact, the color of any angels wings don’t imply anything aside from the color of that angels Grace – which also doesn’t imply anything.

– Lithia Thornheart was a Seraph. As a Cloudwalker, she fed upon the energy of fast-healing Residents, veteran Residents, and Residents who had just arrived. As such, she was as judgmental, inflexible, and opinionated as she was powerful.

– Amy Kandeclaud is a Seraph, married to the Defender, Tulvir. As a Cloudwalker, she fed upon the energy of slow-healing Residents, veteran Residents, and Residents who were on their way out of the Upperworld. As such, she is kind, introspective, and witty.

– There is an Inner Circle of Seraphim, which is made up of the twelve strongest of all the angels. Amy Kandeclaud, being the strongest, is their leader. The Inner Circle functions as an emergency response team in the event that the Upperworld and it’s various kinds of residents require protection from an unfriendly party.

– The entire Inner Circle was called when Makulo Mediaestatis broke into the Upperworld (something that hasn’t been done since). Despite going up against twelve super-powered Seraphim who were fighting in their own backyard, Makulo easily defeated all of them and kidnapped the Cherubim (Kasirrus) he’d been after. It was then that Makulo was deemed dangerous enough for the Overseer herself (who was babysitting the Dimension in the absence of her comatose brother) to go after him and kill him herself.

– Yajova keeps one of the Inner Circle with him at all times, as a personal assistant and bodyguard, because the King of the Upperworld (like his twin, Vaedin) is not a fighter. Originally, it was Lithia Thornheart.