Our Reality

These are a collection of rather long one-shots written by myself and my little brother. We’ve been writing them completely out of order, but I’ve labeled them below so that you know which one comes when. Also included here are world-building notes I’ve written up so you can better understand the world these stories are set in. We haven’t written an actual storyline or over-arching plot, so there’s loads of information that you just can’t get from what we’ve written.

Anyway, here we go (links below lead to pictures of the characters):

Our Reality focuses on a set of siblings – Tulvir and Tsukaea. Tulvir is the younger brother (my little brother’s character), and Tsukaea is the older sister (are you seeing a pattern yet). Tulvir and Tsukaea are the children of the Lady of Fate, Karalora.

Karalora is one of the Eight Ancestors, and also one of the Ladies of Order, alongside Anectem (Time) and Yumali (Life). Their opposites are the Lords of Chaos, Yanderux (Time), Akreluto (Fate), and Elthek (Death). Then, of course, there’s the Kings of the Upperworld and the Underworld, Yajova and Vaedin.

The Ancestors come in sets of twins – Anectem and Yanderux are the oldest, followed by Karalora and Akreluto, then Yumali and Elthek, and finally, Yajova and Vaedin. The Lords of Chaos were sealed inside of Tulvir when he was but a small Godling, because they were running rampant through the Reality and basically destroying everything. As a result of sealing the Lords of Chaos within Tulvir, he is basically cursed with energy so chaotic he can barely control it when he’s trying to use it.

Tulvir’s job as the Defender is to fight battles against God-level and above entities to protect the second Dimension from destruction and chaos. He’s basically the bodyguard for the second Dimension.

Tsukaea’s job as the Overseer is to watch over everything taking place within the second Dimension, and to assist her brother when he’s in over his head or otherwise cannot handle the situation on his own. Tsuakea’s duty in life is basically to make sure everything is running smoothly and that her brother is taking care of the things he needs to take care of.

For the record, in order from biggest to smallest: The Between (which is where Chaos and Order reside) > Reality > Dimension > Realms > Worlds. There’s usually a couple of dimensions to a Reality, and three realms (Upperworld, Mortal Plain, Underworld) to a dimension.

Okay! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff.


The Nectophyrne: Imrakel, Olamug, and Kaluziak vs. Tulvir and Tsukaea

Verrat vs. Tulvir

Ashlang vs. Tulvir

Kinain vs. Tulvir

Tiran + Reuzen vs. Tulvir

Nefelodi + Iranen vs. Tulvir

The above enemies were sealed at the end of the battles fought against them. Then,  eons later, they broke free of their seals and Tulvir was forced to battle them again.

Nefelodi + Iranen vs. Tulvir

Tiran + Reuzen vs. Tulvir

Kinain vs Tulvir

Yanderux vs. Tsukaea and Team OMEGA (Khrai, Saeka, and Ragnar)

Ashlang vs. Tulvir

Battle of Achion -> Verrat

Alysigga vs. Tsukaea and Tulvir (Alysigga)

Lithia vs. Tulvir

Zegrath vs. Tulvir, Tsukaea, and Team OMEGA

World Building Stuff (which I will deal with later)

Angels, Demons, Dryads, Elves, Demi-Gods, Harpies, Lamia, Nymphs,  Dhampir, Dracons, Fae