Beneath A Steel Sky

Kaisuki decided that she wouldn’t become a kunoichi and dropped out of the academy four years ago, abandoning her goal entirely. Naturally, a suggestion by the Hokage that had the potential to resolve her issues with becoming a shinobi turned into a path paved with lies, darkness, and unwavering friendships. Now it’s simply a matter of figuring out who’s on what side, and just how many sides there are.


1. the beginning

2. speak

3. break through

4. blood sugar

5. the chuunin exams

6. the test

7. the forest of death

8. the preliminary matches

9. don’t scratch the wall

10. the main matches

11. loss

12. reunion

13. dark water

14. the eye of the beholder

15. return

16. waiting room

17. departure

Book 2: Within an Endless Night


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