– Post a Prompt Tuesday! – March 22, 2016

I decided that, since I’m barely writing, I may as well do SOMETHING with my blog, right? So, on Tuesdays from now on, I’m going to post a prompt and call for all you writers to make something out of it. These are going to be Standard Blog Posts, and they’re not going to link to the Information Booth, but the Information Booth is the only thing in it’s category, so you’ll still be able to find it pretty easily.

There will be a variety of prompts. I may give you First Lines, Dialogue, Objects, and Pictures. I’ll add a “hard mode” option, which would add extra direction to the original prompt. Those extra directions could be Places, Names, Time Periods, or Genres.

I’ll tag things using the bolded words above, so you can find your favorite kinds of prompts easily. 🙂 So! Today’s prompt:

Prompt: Dialogue

“What do you mean you ‘lost it’?!”

“Look, it was an accident! I can explain everything!”

Hard Mode: Names

Mister Grandfather

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2 Responses to – Post a Prompt Tuesday! – March 22, 2016

  1. Gina says:

    So will you be posting or linking to prompt submissions? or if I used this prompt I could link back to this post? (Some kind of way to collect writings from this prompt is what I’m thinking)


    • kreneerivers says:

      Yesssss, actually, I was thinking that ya’ll could pretty much do whatever you like, but linking back to the original post from your blog would work really well, methinks. 🙂

      But really, you can link back to my post however you like, just please make sure you link back.

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