January 29, 2016

Chapter 3 of Within an Endless Night and chapter 2 of Unravel have been posted. Despite the fact that I finished chapter 5 of Unravel literally today, I am having a really rough time with mood swings lately. Past two or three days I’ve been hella depressed, and I’ve been having some trouble sleeping at night. 😦 Hopefully I won’t fall behind with the writing, but if I do, I’m sorry in advance.

In this chapter of Within an Endless Night, Khrai gets a little bit violent, Kaisuki reflects on the past year she’s been traveling, and Itachi and Kisame are sent on an escort mission.

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Preview under here.

Kisame suddenly felt Itachi’s chakra signature. It was a ways away, but the Uchiha was flaring it as high as it could go. Then, just as suddenly as it had come, it disappeared again. The same thing happened a few more times, in a pattern Kisame recognized, and he felt his blood run cold.

“What is that?” He recognized Saeka’s distinct vocal tone, and he glanced down at her briefly before he started walking in the direction he could feel Itachi’s energy coming from.

“Distress signal,” he ground out. “Which we only use if we’re fearing for our lives. Let’s go.”

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