December 1, 2015

As promised, here is the preview for the sequel of Beneath a Steel Sky, also known as Within an Endless Night. Only 31 more days until I post the first chapter, and I’ve written 7 chapters already. They’ll be posted biweekly, starting on 1/1/2016. This means that I’ll be posting every other Friday.

I’m really glad that I got 7 chapters written already. I wanted to have 7-8 chapters done by the time I started posting, and I’ve succeeded! And I still have a month to keep writing! WOOHOO!

I’m still battling my depression, which is why I’m going to be updating biweekly instead of weekly. I’m gonna need all the time I can get to make it through the winter without falling behind. Hopefully, the suspense between chapters will kill all of you.

Can’t remember which story is which? Check out the Information Booth!

Preview under here.

“You look terrible.” She said bluntly, her lips pulling into the ghost of a sad smile. Itachi pointedly didn’t respond, his gaze hardening instead.

I like her,” Madara announced obnoxiously.

“Who are you?” Kisame asked for Itachi, “Obviously you’re not a waitress.”

She turned her gaze to Itachi’s partner, before returning her gaze to Itachi. “I had kind of hoped you might recognize me, but I guess the blue eyes kind of take away any possibility of that.” She quietly admitted.

Itachi’s eyes narrowed, confusion beginning to wear at his patience. Who was she? He didn’t recognize her at all, and yet she spoke to him as though he had known her personally. He felt like he did know her in some way, but he couldn’t figure out where he’d met her, the circumstances behind whatever interactions they’d had, or anything else for that matter.

Then, she blinked and her eyes were suddenly vividly red.

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