November 5, 2015

Hey there, everyone! Not posting anything, just wanted to give you an update so you know I wasn’t hit by a bus or anything like that.

Within an Endless Night is coming along nicely, but a little slowly for my tastes. Writing is getting harder because I’m getting depressed. It’s almost a seasonal thing, so it’s very inconvenient. I’m usually incapacitated by my depression from about December until March/April. I’m trying to combat it, but it’s there and it’s going to be rough.

I’ve already gotten 5 chapters of Within an Endless Night written, so I’m going to start posting on New Year’s Day. The schedule will most likely be biweekly, just so I can give my depressed self time to write as slowly as I currently am.

My goal is to have 7-8 chapters written by New Year’s Day. Wish me luck on that.

I’m going to post a “teaser trailer” of chapter 1 of Within an Endless Night on December 1st, so look out for that.

Unravel is taking forever, so it’s going to be a while longer before I start posting that. Like, a long while longer. The other stories you see in the Information Booth aren’t even on my list of things to do right now, so you’re not gonna see those for a minute either. I’m prioritizing the Unity Trilogy (which consists of Beneath a Steel Sky, Within an Endless Night, and Above the Clouds), so everything else is on hold until I finish those, and that … well, that could take a while.

That’s all for the updates. Hope you had a great Hallow’s Eve!

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