April 5, 2015

So, I decided that I am going to make separate blog posts. Well, asides. And at the bottom of every aside, I will have a link to the original “Information Booth” post (which is that first post I made with the story statuses on it), so that you don’t lose it.

I will also update the Information Booth every time I make one of these asides. This way, I can also include links to the things I’ve updated and you’ll get a notification when I’ve posted stuff. I’ll tag which stories I’m updating too, so you can keep track of stuff.

SO! On that note, I have posted the rest of Something New (chapters 7 through 30), and the prologue and chapters 1 through 3 of Beneath A Steel Sky, so those are available for your reading pleasure.

When I’m not mass-posting chapters, I’ll include a paragraph or two from the next chapter. Sort of like a preview. So, if when I post chapter 4 of Beneath A Steel Sky, I will include a snippet from chapter 5. That way, you can get all pumped to read it the following Monday.

Don’t remember which story is which? Check out the Information Booth!

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