Information Booth

– I will only be updating the Information Booth on the days that I post chapters and asides when I don’t forget, so sometimes you’re just not gonna see updates here for a hot minute. Also, sometimes I get lazy or forget about updating this for weeks at a time. You’d probably be better off just visiting the story pages themselves.

– I am only capable of writing one story at a time, unfortunately, so don’t expect to be seeing a whole lot of different stuff posted regularly. There are currently two projects that I’m working on, and that is it. Two is my maximum, and only because one of them is only updated monthly. I may write drabbles and such, but there will only be two novel-length stories at the most running at any point in time.

– All of the update schedules for these stories are subject to change. I will try to remember to let you know when I change the schedules, though.

So, now that that’s out of the way…


(Update Schedule) [chapters posted/chapters written] Title – Summary. Warnings

M/M = Male on Male

Non-con = Non-consensual

Story Statuses

(Completed) [17/17] Beneath a Steel Sky – Kaisuki decided that she wouldn’t become a kunoichi and dropped out of the academy four years ago, abandoning her goal entirely. Naturally, a suggestion by the Hokage that had the potential to resolve her issues with becoming a shinobi turned into a path paved with lies, darkness, and unwavering friendships. Now it’s simply a matter of figuring out who’s on what side, and just how many sides there are.

(On Hiatus) [1] BirthdayI am empty and I feel as though I decay with every breath I take. The knowledge that you loathe me as though I were a deformity is a wound that festers and bleeds me dry. Please, reconsider your decision. I beg you.

(Completed) Enigma – Just a week before the infection hit, Nick’s second marriage ended.

(Not Yet Written) No Sympathy From The Devil – Sasuke never made it to his fated battle with Itachi, and he didn’t make it back to Team Hebi, either. No, Sasuke’s under the care of a sadistic homunculus created by Orochimaru many years ago. If he doesn’t speak, he won’t get hurt. If he does what he’s told, he’s rewarded. He just has to follow the rules until he can get away. No problem… right? Trigger warning: conditioning, Stockholm Syndrome, rape/non-con, M/M

(To Be Rewritten/On Hiatus) Of Eviction Notices and Last Year’s Rent – The penalty for trespassing upon the Realms of Hell is neither cheap nor pleasant, and Lucius Morningstar is not the kind of King to forgive an insult, whether you intended it or not.

(Completed) [30/30] Something New – Nick had expected to die the moment he realized he’d fallen out of the chopper. He didn’t though. Apparently, he was caught in midair by some little brat named “Dal.” That would’ve been a good thing if the kid wasn’t a Hunter. It would’ve been an even better thing if he would leave Nick alone. Apparently, “go away” is too much to ask for in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

(Updated Monthly/Semi-Hiatus) [4] The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fanfiction – So, are you starting your first fanfiction? Are you trying to revamp an older story, but you’re not sure how to “fix” it? Are you finding that, even though you’ve been writing for a while, you feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut and want to expand and improve your craft? Well, this is the class for you!

(Completed) The Cows – She told me, very seriously, that waving at cows would increase my good karma and take away my bad karma. That day changed my life.

(Not Yet Written) The Partner Shuffle – Upon joining Akatsuki, Itachi is immediately met with a problem as it faces the leader of the organization: who is his partner going to be? Despite hitting it off with Hoshigaki Kisame, Madara doesn’t want to pair the two of them up for very obvious personal reasons. “Madara, you’re going to get a mouthful of kunai if you don’t stop that right this second.”

(Completed) The Perfectionist – No one ever does anything right.

(See This Post) [3/6] Unravel – “Life sucks and then you die.” Alex Grimminger had been living as though that were the one truth to the universe for a long time. He’d never been given a reason to think otherwise, so it would take a lot of doing to persuade him that maybe he could make his life worth living if he put in the effort. Emphasis on the “maybe.” He’d never been much of an optimist when it came to that sort of thing. Warning: drug abuse/addiction, suicidal ideation

(Updated Biweekly [On Hiatus]) [7/8] Within an Endless Night – Three years after her departure from Konohagakure, Kaisuki meets up with an old friend, primarily to warn him of an impending threat. Little does she know, the threat she was warning him about is only the tip of a very, very large ice berg.

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